The Spring Branch area is located north of I-10, south of Clay Road and generally between 610 and Kirkwood (west of Beltway 8)

Spring Branch began as a religious community settled by German farmers. Karl Kolbe came from Germany in 1830 and was the earliest settler in Spring Branch.

In 1848, St. Peters Church was organized by families in the area and the church was built with lumber set aside from a local sawmill on a site donated by the Bauer family, who owned the mill. The church is located on Long Point just east of Campbell Road. The cemetery behind the church holds the remains of a number of the first pioneers.

In 1854, the minister of St. Peters conducted the first school in the log cabin church. The Spring Branch school district began with the Spring Branch School Society sponsored by St. Peter's Church in 1856. The first public school was opened in 1889.

Many of the streets in the Spring Branch area bear the names of the early settlers. The first post office was owned by the Hillendahl family, as well as the railroad stop and last active Spring Branch farm.

Subdivisions in the Spring Branch area

Houston Community College

Pine Crest Golf Club

Clay Road YMCA

Spring Branch Community Center - 1721 Pech Road

Spring Branch Community Health Center - 1615 Hillendahl - 8575 Pitner

Parks in the Spring Branch area include:
Agnes Moffitt Park - 10645-10845 Hammerly
Bauer Pocket Park - 2201 Bauer Road
Creek Pocket Park - 1701 Creek Drive
Freed Park - 7020 Shadyvilla Lane
Gessner Pocket Park - 1610 1/2 Gessner drive
Hickory Shadows Park - 1003 Wirt Road
Housman Pocket Park - 6705 Housman
Independence Park - 5515 Clara Road
Nob Hill Park - 10300 Timber Oak
Pitner Pocket Park - 8500 Pitner Road
Schwartz Park - 8203 Vogue
Spring Branch Pocket Park - 1700 Campbell

Public libraries in the Spring Branch area include:
Arnold L. Hillendahl Library - 2436 Gessner
Elizabeth L. Ring Library - 8835 Long Point
Spring Branch Memorial Branch Library - 930 Corbindale

Spring Branch is served by the Spring Branch ISD

Elementary schools in the Spring Branch area include:
Buffalo Creek Elementary - 2801 Blalock
Cedar Brook Elementary - 2121 Ojeman
Edgewood Elementary - 8757 Kempwood
Hollibrook Elementary - 3602 Hollister
Housman Elementary - 6705 Housman
Hunters Creek Elementary - 10650 Beinhorn
Pine Shadows Elementary - 9900 Neuens
Ridgecrest Elementary - 2015 Ridgecrest
Shadow Oaks Elementary - 1335 Shadowdale
Sherwood Elementary - 1700 Sherwood Forest
Spring Branch Elementary - 1700 Campbell
Spring Shadows Elementary - 9725 Kempwood
Terrace Elementary - 10400 Rothbury
Treasure Forest Elementary - 7635 Amelia
Valley Oaks Elementary - 8390 Westview
Westwood Elementary - 10595 Hammerly
Woodview Elementary - 9479 Cedardale

Middle schools in the Spring Branch area include:
Cornerstone Academy - 9016 Westview
Landrum Middle School - 2200 Ridgecrest
Northbrook Middle School - 3030 Rosefield
Spring Oaks Middle School - 2150 Shadowdale
Spring Woods Middle School - 9810 Neuens

High schools in the Spring Branch area include:
Guthrie Center - 10660 Hammerly
Northbrook High School - # 1 Raider Circle
Spring Branch Academy of Choice
Spring Woods High School - 2045 Gessner

There are also a number of private schools in the Spring Branch Area:
Awty International School - 7455 Awty School Lane
Cornerstone Academy - 9016 Westview
Houston Christian High School
Monarch School - 2815 Rosefield
Parish School - 11001 Hammerly
Rainard School - 11059 Timberline
Regis School of the Sacred Heart
School of the Woods - 1321 Wirt Road
St. Jerome School - 8825 Kempwood Drive

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